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The future is already here! Give your food a better start with EcoLoc™.

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EcoLoc™ effectively reduces all types of microorganisms, including pathogens and spoilage-causing bacteria, to keep your food fresh and safe longer.

Freshness revolutionized

Discover the power of EcoLoc and the patented UV — no chemicals, just pure science ensuring your food stays safe, exceptionally fresh and healthy.

Four reasons you’ll need EcoLoc™

Reduces harmful bacteria 🦠

Foodborne illnesses affect millions annually. EcoLoc's simple solution reduces these health risks.
Reduces microorganisms on food 🔬

Excess microorganisms accelerate spoilage and reduce food quality. EcoLoc combats this, enhancing freshness and safety.
Less food waste 🗑️

The UN aims to halve food waste by 2030. EcoLoc extends food shelf life, helping you waste less and meet global goals.
Saves you money 💰

Less waste means fewer purchases and more savings. EcoLoc keeps food fresh longer, cutting your grocery bills.

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Real stories from those who use EcoLoc to ensure their food gets a better start, is safe, fresh and healthy.




Safer and fresher food for longer

Did you know over half a billion people get sick from harmful microbes each year? Additionally, more than half of the food purchased for home consumption ends up wasted. EcoLoc reduces harmful and spoilage-causing microbes on your food!

EcoLoc reduces:

And all other microbes on your food.

EcoLoc starter kit

79 €

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Experience the future of improving food quality and preservation. EcoLoc starter kit features the advanced EcoLoc device, three quartz glass-equipped lids designed to allow maximum UV penetration, and three matching containers.

🤝 60 day money back guarantee
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Did you know over half a billion people get sick from food each year?
Don’t be one of them.

From our lab to your kitchen

Discover how EcoLoc™, a Swedish innovation with PureFize® UV technology, can improve your food by effectively reducing not only harmful germs but also all other microorganisms causing food spoilage. This targeted approach enhances food safety and extends freshness, helping you to level up your food.

The EcoLoc™ effect

In our studies, EcoLoc™ has been shown to significantly extend* the shelf life of various foods. Experience the benefits of our advanced UV technology to improve your food preservation efforts, ensuring prolonged freshness and optimal safety.

*Results may vary. Effectiveness depends on several factors, including the type and amount of microorganisms, enzymes, oxidation, humidity, temperature, light conditions, physical damage, packaging, time since harvest, handling, and exposure to other microbes or chemicals. Microorganisms are a primary reason for food decay, and EcoLoc significantly reduces their presence.

Did you know more than half of the food purchased for home consumption ends up wasted? Let's tackle this global issue.

Why EcoLoc™ is (way) better than vacuum

Vacuum is great. When it comes to cleaning your house. But if you want to get rid of harmful bacteria and keep your food fresh for longer, EcoLoc with advanced broad-spectrum UV technology is the better solution.

EcoLoc™ Vacuum
Reduces harmful microbes ✔️
Reduces spoilage-causing microbes ✔️
Prolongs shelf life the most ✔️
Can be used on all food ✔️

Innovation made in Sweden 🇸🇪

Developed by Swedish scientists and engineers, EcoLoc with PureFize broad-spectrum UV technology is designed not only to tackle global food waste by extending the freshness and shelf life of your food but also to enhance food safety by effectively reducing harmful microbes.

EcoLoc operates without chemicals. It aligns with the United Nations' goal to halve food waste by 2030, making it a perfect fit for your kitchen and lifestyle.

Proven Performance: Explore Our Test Results

Check out the science behind EcoLoc's success in keeping your food fresh and safe. Both internal and external studies validate the effectiveness of EcoLoc and UV light to extend food freshness by reducing microbial presence. For a detailed look at our findings, download the full report available in PDF format. See for yourself how EcoLoc sets new standards in reducing food spoilage.

Frequently asked questions

Dive into our FAQ  to learn more about how EcoLoc can transform your kitchen and prolong the shelflife of your food. From setup and operation to maintenance and benefits, find all the answers you need to make the most of your EcoLoc experience. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out—we're here to help you elevate your food preservation game!

What's included in the starter kit?

Our starter kit includes the EcoLoc device, three specially designed lids with quartz glass for optimal UV penetration, three food containers, and a USB charging cable.

How does EcoLoc work?

EcoLoc employs patented PureFize broad-spectrum UV technology to significantly reduce food-spoiling microbes and harmful pathogens on food surfaces. This action not only extends the freshness and shelf life of your food but also enhances safety by reducing the presence of disease-causing organisms. With a simple click, EcoLoc ensures your food is both fresh and safe, offering a reliable layer of protection for healthier eating.

Why is it good to reduce microorganisms on food?

Reducing microorganisms on food significantly extends its shelf life and minimizes waste, aligning with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal to halve global food waste by 2030. By lowering the presence of pathogens, EcoLoc also enhances food safety, reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses that affect hundreds of millions globally each year. This dual benefit not only makes food safer to consume but also supports global efforts to improve food security and sustainability.

What type of UV technology does EcoLoc use?

EcoLoc utilizes PureFize broad-spectrum UV technology, as Swedish innovation encompassing UV-A, UV-B and UV-C, within one and the same lightsource. This technology has a well documented very germicidal effect ranging from bacteria such as e-coli to virus such as Sars-COV2.

Do all microorganisms disappear when using EcoLoc?

While EcoLoc reduces microbial presence, it does not sterilize food, allowing for a healthy level of microorganisms to remain. Simplified - EcoLoc works in line of sight, which means that all food exposed to the light will have microbes significantly reduced. However, the level is determined by the duration and what kind, texture and shape that the food has.

Does the food at the bottom of the container also get cleaned?

EcoLoc is effective on surfaces directly exposed to the UV light; contents not directly exposed will not be affected, allowing for a healthy level of microorganisms to remain. The objective is to remove enough to improve the food and to reduce the risk of exposure to possible high doses of “bad” microorganisms.